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You want beautiful, soothing and appropriate music to create an ambience of romance, love and joy for your wedding. You want your special song selections for seating, entrances, interludes and the recessional. You want a professional who will make it easy and get the job done.

I began performing for weddings in 2007. Since then I have had the honor to supply music for 14 weddings.

My professionalism, expertise, experience, and high quality equipment means no worries for you when it comes to your ceremony and/or cocktail hour music.

We will work together to create a customized list of music selections that fit perfectly for your special day. I can arrange almost anything that you request to perform on the guitar, so if you have a special song or songs in mind please let me know.

I will communicate all details, questions, concerns with you and/or your wedding planner in a timely manner.

On the day of the wedding there will be no surprises or no music changes. I work with the wedding planner, the event coordinator and the religious leader to ensure smooth and timely transitions. Also at least one assistant will accompany me to all performances.

A contract will be used to protect both parties. In the contract details including the date, time, location, contacts, special requests, price are noted. Both parties will sign the contract. At the time of signing a deposit will be required to hold your time. Balance is due the day of the wedding. Following signing of the contract we will work together to finalize the song list and custom selections.

I offer free consultations. This way we both get to see if what I do is the right fit for you.

Client references are available. Please also see our Testimonials page.

Keep in mind I can learn and arrange almost anything if you want a special request.

Here are the 4 areas we need to be concerned with when choosing your song selections:

Seating music is generally about 20-25 minutes. You will want to select approximately 10-15 songs for seating.

Processional music will comprise
1) the Parents, Grandparents entrance - You need one selection here
2) the Groomsmen entrance - You need one selection here
3) the Brides Maids entrance - You need one selection here
4) the Brides entrance - You need one selection here

Interlude music is not in every wedding but if it was would be music played, for example, during a candle ceremony, between readings, or just a song performed special for the ceremony often sung by a friend or relative, where I accompany them on guitar.

Recessional music - this is where traditionally the Wedding March is played. The recessional music starts after the groom kisses the bride and they walk away from the altar down the aisle. Music will generally continue as the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids exit.

The recessional closes the ceremony.

If you have any questions feel free to write or call anytime.

Walter playing The Bridal Chorus

Walter playing The Wedding March

Walter playing Air On A G String

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